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Speakers Rehearsal Schedule
Jeju National University, November 13, 2011 (Sunday)
Time Room A Room B Room C Room D Room E Room F Room G Room H Room I
Session 1
[Power Manage-
Session 2
[SAR and Binary-Search ADCs]
Session 3
[Dividers, VCO & PLL]
Session 4
[Ambient Sensing & Security]
Session 5
[Phase locked circuits &
I/O links]
Session 6
Session 7
[Circuits for Bio Sciences]
Session 8
[Circuit Techniques
Robustness and Performance Enhance-
Session 9
[Analog Techniques]
Session 10
Delta Converters]
Session 11
[RF Transmitter and Modulator]
Session 12
[Digital Communi-
Session 13
and Mixed Signal Techniques]
Session 14
[Nyquist Rate ADCs and Time-to-Digital Converters]
Session 15
ques for
transceiver integration]
Session 16
[Lowpower Circuits and Multimedia]
Program 1

[System-on-Chip Innovations]
Program 2

[Power and Signaling Building Blocks]
Speakers Rehearsal Venue
How to get the Jeju National University (Speakers Rehearsal Venue)
Shuttle Bus
Venue Time
Ramada Plaza Hotel to Jeju National University 13:20 PM 16:20 PM
Jeju National University to Ramada Plaza Hotel 17:00 PM 20:00 PM
Participants can take a Short Distance Taxi to the Jeuju National University. Please use the taxi stop in front of the Ramada Plaza Hotel.
Category Fare (KRW)
Short Distance Taxi KRW 5,000
* The taxi fare may vary depending on traffic
Map of Jeju National University
College of Engineering Building #3
College fo Engineering Building #2
Presentation Information
The time allocated for presentation is as follows:
Regular presentation: 25 minutes (20 minutes for the presentation and 5minutes for Q&A.)
Short presentation: 12minutes (10minutes for the presentation and 2minutes for Q&A.)
Speakers are advised to save their PowerPoint presentation with the package for USB feature and bring a backup PDF-version of their presentation. Speakers should arrive in their session rooms 15 minutes BEFORE the start of their sessions to report to the chair person.