November 9(Mon.)-11(Wed.) 2015

Venue: Xiamen International Conference Center (XICC)

Xiamen International Conference Center is a world-class conference venue, located beside Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center. With a total construction area of 140,000 square meters, it is composed of three parts: a conference center, a five-star leisure resort hotel, and a concert hall. The building area of International Conference Center and Concert Hall is 50,000 square meters, and it contains more than 20 meeting rooms with accessory facilities, such as International Conference Hall (for 2,000 people), medium and small meeting rooms (for 500, 300, 200 to 100 people), lounge, VIP lounge, and presence chamber, which will be an ideal place for high-end meeting and banquets. Among them, there is a Cross-strait Conference Room capable of accommodating 2000 audience. It can not only be used for the place of international meetings, but also speech, press conference, pop concert and so on.

International Conference Center Hotel is a high grade leisure resort hotel, which has more than 500 guest rooms, various restaurants, indoor swimming pool, fitness center and other facilities.

Xiamen International Conference Center (XICC)

No. 198 Huizhan Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian, China
TEL: +0086-592-5959898

Note: When you search the Conference Venue through the Internet, we recommend you use the key word ‘Xiamen International Conference Center Hotel’. As mentioned above,XiamenInternational Conference Center Hotel is a part of XiamenInternational Conference Center. Or you could search ‘Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center’, which is located besideXiamen International Conference Center.

The Location of Conference Venue

Note: There are two hotels named ‘Xiamen International Conference Center Hotel’. The Conference Venue is located in the lower right corner of the map.

Traffic to Airport

20min by Taxi

1.5Hour+ by Bus

Venue Floor Plan